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Youniverse1 is A Space & Earth Cyber Security Solution
that fixed the ACTUAL problem.  The KEY driven Encryption is the problem. We crated an incredible solution for every device that has a processor for Quantum & Classic Bits.  We combined the two bits into one solution for Defense, Government, Agency (Energy-NASA-etc), Servers, Data Centers, Cloud, Global and Small Business including Everything From Finance, Medical, Tech, Research & Dev including every system that can connect to the internet regardless if it's a pace maker, Mobile ANYTHING, Home computer, Cable or Box for TV.
    Youniverse1 has Created an UN-Hackable Encryption Solution That Can Scale To Billions Of Users without a KEY.  Our De-Centralized, "MDQES" Multi-Dimensional Quantum Encryption Service is an UN-hackable, solution capable of 1-to-1, 1-to-Many, Many-to-Many & VPN's across economies and countries
regardless of Network types from copper cables to Quantum capable LASE
R communication environments. NOW is time to deploy. Today, NOT later!!

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