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Dashboards designed for the customers needs.


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Our dashboards are built to meet your environment and solutions with a "Widget" architecture to meet each clients needs, not what we assume you will need. 

We do not drive an OTS solution that most other dashboard designers do.  Having an OTS solution breaks some of the basic rules of Cyber-Security which leads to simple ways to get though the threat table because if it's intuitive it can be intuitively broken into.

With over 30 years in the
Backbone/Core of the internet in the Global Services-E-Business domains with designing, using, including engineering from a Command Center, NOC, TOC and SOC from tier one through the entire I.T.I.L. model we know that listening to the clients is am extremely important piece that almost all designers miss or have a build around the solution instead of build the solution around the environment first.  With our experience and an impeccable and provable track record are proud to say that we are best in class around the globe.

Our solution with Quantum Entanglement is incredible fascinating and exciting to work with.  It is a phenomenon in the world of quantum mechanics that has captured the imagination of scientists and enthusiasts alike. At its core, quantum entanglement is the process by which two particles become intrinsically linked, regardless of the distance between them
including the edges of the known universe at the same time.

The potential applications of quantum entanglement are vast, and they include the development of un-hackable, ultra-secure communication networks in space and on the earth, with more effective and efficient quantum computing systems growing at massive speeds that Mores law doesn't apply in the Quantum Computing domain. 

The exploration of new th
eories of physics are constantly showing us more about the universe than we could imagine at these speeds and is almost daily showing more than we ever imagined from LASERS and optics it has already show us how to fix the human eyes to DNA to sequencing and beyond.

By harnessing the power of this fascinating phenomenon, we are utilizing in cutting-edge technologies to protect our nations and your most valuable data and scientific discoveries.

With our enemies working on utilizing this as a weapon of war (Cyber-War) by not positioning your companies data with Quantum Entanglement with a Quantum Key from the Youniverse1 "Outernet" you are not positioning your organization as a leader in your domain with the
responsibility you have to protect it.


Contact us today to learn more about how Quantum Entanglement with a Quantum Key can transform your cyber attack table  to protect your business and drive future growth.

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