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Outernet Satellites

Youniverse1 provides satellite LASER communications to deliver the Quantum Key, PQC & "Quantum-Ready"solutions for reduction of the assault table that our enemies are working on right now to take out our GNS systems & our energy grid while causing massive disruptions and in every environment that needs encryption.  It is referred to as "SNDL" which is "Steal Now Decode Later" which is happening right now as you read this.

We deliver Satellites -2- Satellite, Earth -2- Satellite and Satellite -2- Earth connectivity to meet the Satellite, Govt, Defense, Financial, Energy, Medical global markets with a global reach.
Our services are scaling to be "Above the clouds", Storage NAS-SAN, Back-Up, Disaster Recovery,  Research & STEM.

Existing terrestrial (Earth) Quantum network can't and won't be able for the foreseeable future communicate at long distances with Q-Bits due to the mass of the fiber cables and distance.

The evolution of the Mobile -2- Satellite connectivity regardless of Vehicle, or any smart device now is the time to prepare for the Quantum attack that is coming.

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Constellation, Communication, Encryption and other Space Craft Soultions

Low Earth Orbit

Contact To & From Earth With "MDES", PQC/QKD in Infrared and RADIO

Medium & High (M/H) Earth Orbit for Distrobution Around the LEO Constellations

Constellations and Options As Relays and Access To The Encryption Only.  The Do Not Resale Anything That Comes From the Youniverse1 Solutions.

M/H - to - Geography EAarth Orbit Constellation Communications

Global Communications with multiple M/H Constellations

US Only Solutions Regardless Of Any Situation.




24/7 Support

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