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What Youniverse1 Does

Youniverse1 is the leader of Quantum Technologies, Specializing in Satellite Quantum Encryption

for both the Outer & Inter networks, with an AI - AS "Above the Clouds" with On-Net and VPN services.  Including offering the MajestiQ Quantum Code for Space & Earth use & for resale on a lease basis.

Our new  QtroniQ  line of Quantum hardware, is built for your Space Craft so you don't have to do the Quantum encryption work, that's what we do.  It's designed with a new industry standard with Multi-Beam LASER and a new architecture for a BUS that has scalability and durability that your environment demands.   

You can have complete ownership of the hardware and Software or you can Q-SaaS the end-2-end solution from us.  We let you focus on your prodcts and we encrypt them so you don't have to.

Our Star Solutions run on an AI-ML-Q architecture which gives you data in real time, directly from your

LASER or ours.  The dashboard is widget designed so it learns from you, how you navigate, what you naturally rank from highest to lowest and, it builds options for you, from you.  It's yours, or, your customers

data not ours.  We have a mandatory that we follow, which is complete transparency.  You paid for the service and we make sure you get the data so you can drive your own solutions.

With a history of 30 years in LASER and bit technology, we have contributed to building the core

of the internet with a focus on global cyber security. Our unique selling point is delivering Quantum Entanglement for quantum key cyber security. We are located in Colorado, California & Europe and aim to be in Australia and establish an online presence to increase sales and grow our online community.


Our Core Values

We Deliver What We Promise


At Youniverse1 IT Services, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and efficient IT solutions to our clients.


We believe in being transparent with our clients and keeping them informed every step of the way.


Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the IT industry, allowing us to provide top-notch service to our clients.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to ensure that their IT solutions are tailored to their unique needs.


We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Team Experiance


Years of Experience

Global  Solutions


Most of our projects were completed months in advance.

Youniverse1 Core Principals

  1. Pursue excellence, not perfection. Excellence allows for growth; perfection implies a finality that doesn't exist in business.

  2. Embrace change as an opportunity, not a threat. Adaptability is the key to longevity.

  3. Value relationships over transactions. Long-term partnerships are more rewarding than one-time deals.

  4. Invest in your team. Their growth is your enterprise's growth.

  5. Practice transparency. Trust is built on openness and honesty.

  6. Be customer-centric. Understanding and meeting their needs is paramount.

  7. Innovate continuously. Stagnation is the antithesis of success.

  8. Focus on quality. It's the best business plan.

  9. Be ethical. Integrity should never be compromised.

  10. Prioritize sustainability. Profitability and responsibility can coexist.

  11. Foster a culture of learning. Knowledge is a competitive advantage.

  12. Encourage diversity. Different perspectives lead to better decisions.

  13. Be decisive. Indecision is a decision in itself, often with greater consequences.

  14. Maintain balance. Work is a part of life, not the entirety of it.

  15. Celebrate successes, but learn from failures. Both are invaluable experiences.

  16. Stay humble. There’s always more to learn and ways to improve.

  17. Practice gratitude. Appreciate your team, customers, and opportunities.

  18. Keep a long-term perspective. Short-term wins shouldn’t compromise future gains.

  19. Cultivate resilience. Challenges are inevitable; perseverance is a choice.

  20. Lead by example. Actions speak louder than words.


Our Partners

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